Musical career of Jack Riot started as band member in 2006 with "Insane" as a guitarist. Then Jack started combine guitar and vocal. Long before that Jack had been playing violin since 6 years old. But Jack made his own decision that his life belongs to the rock stage. In 2009 Jack dared to start his single project as independent musician. Perhaps, Jack Riot is one of very few Russian composers and artists who can get real success in international music stage. For only one year of existence demo records Jack Riot went on the internet in tens of thousands of copies, received acclaims of professional artists and truthful loyalty of fans all over the world.

Style of project Jack Riot can be characterized as new wave of glam rock, love metal even melodic metal also with some v-key elements. Although in the beginning the music was closer to pop-rock music, now Jack reached much harder and deeper sound at the same time with more visual elements, whose expression is fulfilling on the live gig. Also, Jack was taking part in recording of fabulous Japanese dark electro-rock band “Velvet Eden” with wich Jack had a conjoined tour and also was their guitarist during the tour.

In 2011 Jack Riot started recording her first studio album «I'm Ok».

August 2012 debut album "I’m Ok" was released in USA.